As conscious producer of plastic products, Multidop prioritises sustainability, social responsibility and renewable energy. We’re partnering with recycling pioneers and are constantly refining our raw material mix for the optimal sustainable result, converting the mountain of waste into new applications. In addition, over 850 solar panels provide almost 50% of the power we need for our every day operations. Closing the loop with a social mindset, we’re proud to work with motivated teams from schools and sheltered workshops to assemble and package our products. Interested in creating your own environmentally friendly products? Get in touch!

By the numbers

850+ Solar Panels

The entire surface of our factories rooftop is maxed out with solar panels. They produce over 50% of the power we need to keep our machines running 24/7

70% Recycled Material

Over two thirds of the parts we produce are made with 100% recycled raw material. This way we upcycle your old household waste into new applications.

Zero waste

No single pellet goes to waste. All of our production waste (test parts, residue, defects) gets shredded and reused.


We believe being true sustainability is achieved when looking at both the ecological and social environment. Which is why we’re proud to partner closely with sheltered workshops and recycling leaders.