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Custom made products
We’ve created over 1000 custom products for our customers. Do you have a product idea? We’ll help you with each step of the process: Design, development of the mould, production, assembly and stock control.

Products from our catalogue
Our wide variety of over 40.000, always in stock products has been indispensable for our customers in the construction, furniture, automotive and manufacturing industry. Check out our range of products and don’t hesitate to request a quote.  

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Why our customers love us


“We’ve been working with Multidop for years, en we’ve never been dissapointed. From help with development, to nicely finished products and fast delivery. On top of that, fun and friendly staff!”

Wilfried Van Hemelen Purchase manager at Vanerum

“The speed and quality of a major player, the service and smile of a trusted family business.”

Roel Lijnen CEO at Nordag

“The Multidop team always thinks along with us, provides assistance and support, and ensures that we choose the best solution for our products both qualitatively and economically.”

Magda Janssen Founder at JM Construct


As conscious producer of plastic products, Multidop prioritises sustainability, social responsibility and renewable energy. We’re partnering with recycling pioneers and are constantly refining our raw material mix for the optimal sustainable result, converting the mountain of waste into new applications. In addition, over 850 solar panels provide almost 50% of the power we need for our every day operations. Closing the loop with a social mindset, we’re proud to work with motivated teams from schools and sheltered workshops to assemble and package our products. Interested in creating your own environmentally friendly products? Get in touch!

Starter program

We’re supporting starters. Are you a student, thinking about launching an innovative product? Or an experienced entrepreneur who has specific questions around developing a new application? We understand as no other that you have many questions that are keeping you up at night. Our team of experts is ready to listen and give advise around material tolerances, strength and environmental considerations and the steps and economical aspects of the production process - free of charge. Want to see what your product could look like? We can help you develop a 3D printed prototype. Don’t hesitate to reach out.

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