Starter Program


Are you a student, thinking about launching an innovative product? Or an experienced entrepreneur who has specific questions around developing a new application? We understand as no other that you have many questions that are keeping you up at night. Our team of experts is ready to listen and give advise around material tolerances, strength and environmental considerations and the steps and economical aspects of the production process - free of charge. Want to see what your product could look like? We can help you develop a 3D printed prototype. Don’t hesitate to reach out.

Why we support starters


At Multidop we’re all entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs in heart and soul. And we’re determined to stimulate people who have the same drive and passion. Every business, large or small, starts as a an idea — an idea that can ultimately change the way in which we work, travel, transact, communicate, learn, and share.


Over two thirds of the parts we produce are made with 100% recycled raw material. This way we upcycle your old household waste into new applications.

Why starters love us

“Young entrepreneurs like myself often come up with brilliant ideas but have limited knowledge of product design, production costs, the mold making process etc. The Multidop team helped us make key decisions around the production of our product, that is now widely sold across Europe.”

Steffie Kempen Founder at Dekabed